Juli 2009

An Interview With Game Developer Terminal Reality -

After years of delays (including one cancellation), developer change-ups, and a lot of hard work, Terminal Reality succeeded in bringing a Ghostbusters game to market for the PS3, XBox 360, Wii, and PC. Terminal Reality committed to building their own graphics engine—dubbed the Infernal Engine—to facilitate game development; we recently had a chance talk with them about the game, the new engine, and the future of multi-core gaming. Come on by the site and check out what they had to say...

EKL Alpenföhn Brocken CPU-Kühler -

"Mit dem Alpenföhn Brocken positionierte EKL einen weiteren High-End CPU-Kühler im Handel. Lohnt sich eine Anschaffung oder sollte man lieber auf den in kürze erwarteten "Nordwand" Kühler sein Augenmerk richten? Ein Test auf einer Intel Core i7 CPU soll Klarheit in die "Berglandschaft" bringen."

Cooler Master V10 CPU Cooler -

"Today we reviewed Cooler Master V10, a giant air cooler that besides having 10 heatpipes also uses a TEC (Thermo-Eletric Cooler), a.k.a. Peltier cooler. Will this device really make a difference in refrigeration performance? Let's see."

Intel Core i7 LGA1366 Processors -

"This family includes five models so far. Two of them are leaving soon. Another one will probably be discontinued later. We've heard some rumors that Core i7 950 won't live through the end of the year either: it may be replaced with the 960. But we decided to test all five processors using our new test method in order to evaluate performance gains of the new models versus old ones. Besides, these results will come in handy to compare with other CPUs from Intel and competitors."

Super Talent's super tiny Pico Mini USB Drive -

"Today we take you on a video journey look at Super Talent's incredibly small Pico Mini USB drive.

This tiny little USB pen drive is probably the smallest on the market and definitely the smallest we've ever seen in our extensive amount of time testing storage products."

Phenom II X3 705e & X4 905e - Stromsparer? -

Mit Phenom II X3 705e mit drei Kernen und Phenom II X4 905e mit vier
Kernen hat AMD seiner Phenom II Serie zwei sogenannte
"energieeffiziente" CPUs hinzugefügt. Diese zeichnen sich durch eine
niedrigere maximale Leistungsaufnahme aus (65 statt 95 oder sogar 125
Watt), sind aber auch etwas niedriger getaktet als die Topmodelle. Wie
Stromverbrauch und Leistung in der Praxis und im Vergleich zu den
normalen Prozessoren aussehen, klärt der neue Review.

GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 285 2GB OC Graphics Card -

"Like most NVIDIA models, the GTX 285 is beginning to feel a bit long in the tooth. While there's really nothing wrong with the card, it feels like we've been testing the model for ages now. We went from this rapid release of graphics cards that saw models coming out once a month to nothing new for an extensive period.

That doesn't mean we can't see companies mix models up and this is what GIGABYTE has done. By doubling the memory on the GTX 285 from 1GB to 2GB, GIGABYTE hopes to make the model a bit more exciting."

ASRock X58 Extreme Motherboard -

With Core i7 being the hot platform of the moment, pricing makes budget
platforms appealing as well as profitable. That’s an area ASRock has
repeatedly found to be a great place to market since we can’t all
afford $250 plus motherboards to go with our Core i7 processors. That’s
why the under $200 price of the ASRock X58 Extreme is such an attractive

Patriot Xporter Magnum 64 GB Flash Drive -

If you need to move a lot of data around then the Patriot Xporter Magnum 64 GB is a great choice for you. It offers enough storage for all your needs on the road and pairs that with maximized transfer rates of up to 33 MB/s. Patriot has also thought of aesthetics and designed their $150 USB stick in a menacing red.

Thermaltake Toughpower XT 750 W Power Supply -

"Toughpower XT is an updated version of the famous Toughpower series from Thermaltake, featuring two novelties. First, a set of three LEDs that gives you basic status about the power supply working conditions. Second, a switch where you can configure the power supply fan to keep spinning for 15 or 30 seconds after you turn off your PC, which in theory can increase the product life-span. Another difference is the use of a single-rail design, while the original Thoughpower series uses a four-rail design. Let's test the 750 W model and see if it is a good buy."