Oktober 2008

TweakTown’s Guide To Water Cooling Made Easy -

"I've always wanted to move to water cooling in my main rig as long as I’ve had a computer. And with the nagging engineer in the back of my head telling me never to mix water and electronics, I took the plunge anyway. In this article I will cover an easy way of essentially "buying" your way into water cooling without the worry of matching up hose diameters and connectors etc.

Sumo Lounge SumoSac Sultan Beanbag Chair -

Looking to get comfy for a long gaming session, or to just chill in front of your TV for a Family Guy marathon? Then Sumo Lounge thinks they have just the thing that you’re looking for. Their SumoSac Sultan beanbag chair is even bigger than some of their original Sumo products, and it promises to be your new comfy chair.

Sapphire HD 4830 Video Card -

" The recently launched Radeon HD 4830 is basically a capped Radeon HD 4850, running at lower clock rates and having less graphics processors available, but offering a far more attractive price tag than its big sister. Does this new video card provide a good cost/benefit ratio like its big sister? Let's see."

Gute gegen schlechte Netzteile -

Dieser Artikel zeigt anhand von Beispielen anschaulich, worauf wir bei der Elektronik eines Netzteils Wert legen, da dies einen wesentlichen Teil der Beurteilung in den kommenden Tests darstellt. Weiterhin wird erläutert, auf welche Merkmale man beim Kauf des Stromversorgers achten sollte.

Fallout 3 - Erfüllt es alle Erwartungen? -

"Mit Fallout 3 schickt Bethesda einen Titel ins Rennen um die Gunst des Spielers, welcher mit vielen Vorschusslorbeeren aufwarten kann. Ob die Macher von Oblivion auch mit Fallout 3 einen Volltreffer landen können, zeigen wir in folgendem Review."

Sprint HTC Touch Diamond Smartphone -

It’s hard to avoid making comparisons to Apple’s iPhone when you mention the HTC Touch Diamond. Although they are very different phones running on different operating systems, the Touch Diamond is arguably one of the closest competitors in the U.S. market today to the popular iPhone in terms of unique touch controls, an attractive looking user interface, power and versatility.

ntec Skeleton - Open Air Case -

"Skeleton really is something new in Antec's catalog. They call it an Open Air Case and it is aimed at the enthusiast market. The case has an
unique design, which is designed to give lots of airflow onto the motherboard area in addition to making changing components a walk in the park.
Atleast on paper the Skeleton looks great, but how does it perform in real-life?"

OCZ Gladiator Max CPU Cooler -

"On the deck today, is the Gladiator Max - a heatsink which takes on
the lineage afforded by a rather interesting slug of copper which took on
heating duties back in the K7 days. Granted, back when this would have been
a dime-a-dozen cooler, so my opinions coming into this review are mixed.
Considering the four thick pipes riding the heatspreader, a good fan, and a
huge mass of fins, though - there may be some hope."

Antec Skeleton Open Air Computer Case -

In the realm of the power user, there is a subset of people whose
eccentricities go beyond that of their peers. Not simply satisfied with
having the latest and greatest components in their hands every 6 months,
they then have to constantly tinker with that component and experiment
with it to experience every facet of every feature. This means they
need to open their cases even more frequently then their "normal” power
user brethren, making the standard ATX enclosure somewhat of a
hindrance. It is for this group of users that Antec’s latest case was
made for.

Thecus N4100 Pro NAS -

"Once again, Thecus has shown us an impressive product with the N4100 Pro. The setup process from start to finish was easy enough for a novice, but there are many additional features that advanced users will enjoy tweaking as well."