September 2008

ATP GPS Picture Tracker -

Most geotagging on Flickr is done manually and there are few, if any,
digital cameras with geotagging hardware built-in. Only recently (early
August) did Nikon announce a line-up of GPS-enabled point-and-shoots and
I’m certain that other manufactureres aren’t far behind to take
advantage of the increase in Holiday Sales. But if you don’t want to
buy a new camera just yet, you can pick up a standalone geotagging unit
such as the GPS Picture Tracker from ATP.

iStarUSA HDD Docking Station -

"In today's market, the "big idea" behind having multiple hard drive comes with a certain niche attached - convenience, security, or cost. Naturally, the convenience of being able to quickly replace a dead drive and return the array to working order, the security of being able to take the data with you, or the cost of effectively having multiple computer systems, with only the hard drive being changed. Call this last notion bygone if you will, but some of the people I spent my past college days with followed these ideas to a T.

DFIs Auto Boost System (ABS) Investigated -

"If anyone has ever made overclocking a hard task, it�s been DFI. Mostly designed for the advanced users, we tend to find ourselves looking at a BIOS with not only more options than you can poke a stick at, but more options than you can poke two sticks at!

AC Rayan Playon DVR HDMI WLAN -

Da in der letzten Zeit Multimedia und Computer immer mehr verschmelzen wundert es den Anwender auch nicht das immer wieder neue Highlights für das Abspielen und die Aufnahme von Audio und Videodaten erscheinen. Darum möchten wir euch heute den neuen Multimediarekorder der Firma AC Rayan vorstellen. Die Playon DVR-HDMI Box bringt genau das an Features mit, welche wir bei den meisten Multimedialaufwerken schmerzlich vermisst haben. Hier seinen nur ein paar Schlagworte wie Timeshift, WLAN, HDMI und Aufnahme.

MSI Megabook PR211 -

Wenn man sich heute im Notebookmarkt umsieht, dann erkennt man schnell die
derzeitige Dominanz der Centrino-Produkte aus dem Hause Intel. Während alle
Notebookhersteller entsprechende Produkte im Angebot haben, ist die Anzahl
von Notebook-Designs auf AMD-Basis deutlich kleiner.

Ein bedeutender Hersteller AMD-basierter Notebooks ist MSI. Hier gibt es
zahlreiche Modelle in verschiedenen Klassen. Erst jüngst auf der Games
Convention bestätigte MSI sein Engagement mit diversen neuen Modellen. Als
Argument für die AMD-Produkte führt MSI das Preis-Leistungsverhältnis an. So

Vizo Ninja HS Notebook Cooler -

I think it’s fair to say that I’ve had my fair share of experience with
Vizo’s family of Ninja notebook PC cooling stands. It seems that Vizo is
absolutely bent on creating the absolute best notebook cooler on the
market, taking in the feedback with each successive generation and
implementing the changes into new models to make for a better and
better cooler. Yes, the Vizo Ninja line of notebook cooling stands take
on a lot of similar characteristics — small powered fans, aluminum
construction, matte black paint job, etc. — but they’re ever so

PowerColor PCS+ HD 4870 1GB GDDR5 -

There is no way to categorize AMD's recent launch of the RV770 graphics processor powering the Radeon HD 4800 series of cards as anything other than a resounding success. Cards based on the GPU hit the scene offering very strong performance in their respective price brackets, and forced rival NVIDIA to react with a quick round of price cuts that will surely eat into NVIDIA's margins on the gigantic 65nm GT200 chip. Although actual sales figures aren't available just yet, we suspect AMD is going to show strong sales of every member of the Radeon HD 4800 series.

Cooler Master UCP 900W -

"Heute testen wir aus dem Hause Coolermaster das UCP 900W (Modell RS-900-AAA-A3). Dieses Netzteil besitzt eine 80+ Silver Zertifizierung und gilt aufgrund seiner Leistung und seiner Anschlussmöglichkeiten als solides Arbeitspferd."

ASUS Rampage Extreme X48 -

"Asides from the simple act of operating as a motherboard, the ASUS Rampage Extreme looks like a work of art and could almost be a coffee table centerpiece. Factor in the incredible possibilitles available with TweakIt, the discrete audio X-Fi solution, and the massive overclocking potential, it's hard to not want the board. Once again though price becomes an issue, for $400 you can purchase a board and processor. If you are in the market for the best of the best though, the Rampage Extreme is it..."

Rosewill RX630-S-B Xtreme Series 630W -

Before the review started I didn't know what to expect from for the Rosewill RX630-S-B Xtreme Series 630W power supply. The published features and specifications were strong, and from what I had read elsewhere on the web the general opinion seemed positive. I just wasn't sure that a Rosewill power supply priced under $90 was really going to impress, and I worried that too much of that small budget had been spent on the aesthetics.