August 2008

Thermaltake BigTyp VP and MaxOrb EX CPU Coolers -

"Today we are going to examine two High-End coolers from Thermaltake -- BigTyp VP and MaxOrb EX. Both are actually overhauled versions of their famous predecessors (Big Typhoon and MaxOrb), which formed a positive image in our reviews. So it will be very interesting to see how far these new products have gone in the highly competitive layout of forces of High-End coolers, including other Thermaltake products."

OCZ Laser Gaming Maus Dominatrix: Zuckerbrot und Peitsche? -

"Die amerikanische Firma OCZ bringt ihre zweite Maus auf den hiesigen Markt. OCZ taufte sie auf den Namen Dominatrix und positioniert sie deutlich mehr in den Gamerbereich als die Equalizer-Maus. Ob die selbsternannte "Herrin des Hauses" gegen die etablierte Konkurrenz endlich Fuß fassen kann, zeigt der folgende Testbericht mit dem OCZ Mauspad Behemoth."

Western Digital My Book Mirror Edition External 2TB HDD -

"The Western Digital My Book has been around for a few years and has several versions in its product line. Prices range from just under 100 Dollars for the My Book Essential 160 GB to just under 600 Dollars for the Studio Edition 2 TB and features eSATA, USB 2.0 and FireWire connections.

Foxconn A79A-S vs. MSI K9N2 Diamond - NVIDIA vs. AMD -

AMD (und ATI) gegen NVIDIA, der Stoff aus dem gute Hardwaregeschichten gemacht sind. Wir haben zwei Boards mit nForce 780a und GTX
260 sowie 790FX/SB750 und Radeon HD 4870 gegeneinander antreten lassen.

Air Live HP-3000E 200Mbps Ethernet over Powerline Adapters -

Power Line adapters utilize the existing cables in your home to establish a network where Wifi is not an option. The Airlive HP-3000E is the company's newest offering of such a system, it promises up to 200 Mbps of bandwidth.

Asus Maximus II Formula Motherboard -

Today we look at another DDR2 solution from Asus, they still keep pushing out motherboards for the DDR2 market since DDR3 still might have not got the recognintion it should. This new Maximus 2 board is filled with various new features that might come in handy when overclocking, playing, and even just surfing the net. No more crap talk lets get this review on the road.

Vantec NexStar MX eSATA Dual HDD Enclosure -

"I really like the overall look and feel of the Nexstar MX. It's one
of the best little drive enclosures I've used. I don't know if adding eSata
is worth doubling the price from the previous version, but it does allow for
much more than a doubling of speeds. I have been loading the MX on my PC
using eSata, which takes very little time, then I access it on my laptop via
USB 2.0, as my laptop does not have Sata, let alone eSata. Since I am not
going to be transferring all the data off to my laptop at once, the USB 2.0
is fast enough for things like movies and even games."

NVISION 08 Video Highlights -

HotHardware attended NVIDIA's very first NVISION 08 visual computing conference that took place August 25 - 27 in San Jose, California and captured some of the sights and sounds from the event. This video is a compilation of the featured speakers and artists that participated in the keynotes.

Gigabyte MA78G-DS3H Motherboard -

"Today's motherboard is a full-size solution (which already makes it attractive for universal PC builders) featuring two graphics slots as well as an integrated graphics core that supports CrossFire and Hybrid CrossFire modes."

ATP ToughDrive 4GB Camo USB Flash -

" ATP Electronics is a 17 year-old company best known for their EarthDrive recyclable USB flash drive, which is not only made of recycled materials but also has part of the proceeds go towards rainforest protection. They also make memory products for both enterprise and home applications in addition to various types of removable storage. Today, ASE Labs has the ATP ToughDrive 4GB Camo edition. "