Juni 2008

Sapphire Radeon HD 3870 Ultimate -

" While the next generation of graphics cards from ATI are just around the corner, you can get some amazing performance with full open source support for a great price. Some of the readers might also be looking for a silent solution while having good performance and the Sapphire Radeon HD 3870 Ultimate steps up to provide that. It combines a truly massive heatsink with the powerful 3870 GPU to create a fast and completely silent graphics card for your quiet PC. "

Mushkin XP2-6400 4GB DDR2 Speicherkit -

"Weiterhin ist DDR2 führend am Markt und bei den aktuellen Speicherpreisen liegt es für den Endnutzer auch nahe direkt auf ein 4 Gigabyte Kit umzusatteln. Mushkin stellt ein preisgünstiges, optisch interessantes Kit bereit. Wie sich das 4 GB PC6400 Kit von Mushkin schlägt, ist in folgendem Review zu erfahren."

Thermaltake Xaser VI VG4000SNA Computer Case -

"With the Xaser VI, Thermaltake has an aluminum full-tower chassis that will rival the best in it's class. The innovative tool-free features are well executed and make working in this Xaser a real pleasure. Arguably the best feature is the sliding motherboard tray. Or maybe the hard drive mounting solution. What about the densely populated front panel I/O plate? Or the outstanding cooling design? There's a lot of stuff here to like, and I like the vast majority of it."

Apack ZEROTherm GX820 und Apack ZEROTherm HC92 CU 8800 -

Nach einer Verschnaufpause der Testredaktion, haben wir für euch zwei Leckerbissen aus dem VGA Cooling Sektor im Programm. Im
heutigen Test haben wir von daher zwei Topmodelle im VGA Cooling Sektor aus dem Hause Apack ZEROTherm im Test. Es handelt sich dabei
um den Apack ZEROTherm GX820 VGA Kühler und dem Apack ZEROTherm HC92 CU 8800 VGA Kühler. Beide VGA Kühler gelten als Flaggschiffe
von Apack ZEROTherm und sollen von der Kühlperformance und von der Verarbeitung her das "A" und "O" im VGA Cooling Sektor sein.

OCZ 800w EliteXStream Power Supply -

"When testing a power supply, the greatest questions I have are going
to always be as follows. How well is the PSU designed? How stable are the
power rails? Can it produce its rated wattage reliably? Some worthwhile
attention has been given to its overall design right down to the circuits.
The OCZ 800 Watt EliteXStream Power Supply is obviously very well designed
to produce 800 Watts of power, maintain steady, reliable voltages, and
protect your system by offering very clean power without fail. Add the 80
Plus efficiency feature and you have the 800 Watt Editor's Choice."

Mvix MX-780HD Wireless HD Media Center -

"Founded in 2005, Mvix USA is a company who believes in the concept of digital entertainment. With a product line that offers different versions of this ideal, Mvix is about getting your digital content displayed where it should be, on your television. Sure, you can watch your ripped movies on the PC monitor, but why not take it to the next level and enjoy that same content on a large screen TV?

X-Rite ColorMunki Photo Spectrophotometer -

A spectro what? That’s what most people say when I tell them what this
little device is actually called. But for me "The Munki” is far easier
to say. Created by the minds at X-Rite, the ColorMunki Photo is the
answer for people who take lots of pictures, but always wonder why what
they see on the monitor isn’t what they remember shooting. This little
gizmo profiles your monitors, even your printers and projectors, to
allow you to display your shots exactly the way that you remember
taking them on all your displays.

Run Linux in Windows -

"Many users of Windows XP and Vista will want to try Linux at some point, often just to see what all the fuss is about. There are many different Linux distributions and it isn`t convenient for a non-technical user to set up dual booting alongside an existing Windows install. Thankfully, there are tools available which mean you can play with a full Linux install inside the familiar surroundings of Microsoft Windows."

Sapphire Radeon HD 4850 Grafikkarte -

Ring frei zur nächsten Runde" tönt es aus den Lautsprechern und gemeint sind nicht die Kontrahenten aus dem WM-Kampf im SuperSchwergewicht, sondern die üblichen Verdächtigen in der Gestalt von ATI und Nvidia. Die nächste Grafikkarten Generation steht auf der Matte und nachdem Nvidia mit dem neuen G200 schon einen ersten Wirkungstreffer gesetzt hatte, kontert ATI nun seinerseits mit dem RV770 Grafikchip, der locker über die volle Distanz von 15 Runden gehen soll, um dann klar nach Punkten zu gewinnen.

Toshiba Qosmio x305 Gaming Notebook -

"The graphics on the Qismio x305 will be powered by the yet to be announced NVIDIAGeForce 9800M GTX graphics card, which has 1GB of video memory. For those that still want to game, but save some hard earned dollars we overheard that consumers can customize the notebook with the less expensive GeForce 9700M GT graphics card rather than the GeForce 9800M GTX. NVIDIA hasn't said much about this un-released graphics card, but they did have the Toshiba Qosmio x305 notebook on display at a Microsoft Corporation event this week called the Games for Windows Presents: The Big Picture..."