Juli 2007

SiS 672FX Reference Board -

"SiS 672FX is a chipset with integrated graphics targeted to low-end socket 775 motherboards. We�ve got from SiS a reference board for this chipset and since motherboards based on the same chipset usually achieve similar performance, you can have a clue on what performance to expect from motherboards based on SiS 672FX."

MDT 2GB DDR2-800 KIT CL5 -

Täglich werden neue DDR2 RAM Riegel vorgestellt und Hersteller werfen immer neue und schnellere Bausteine auf den Markt, wir haben ein 2GB DDR2 800 KIT der Firma MDT in unsere Redaktion geliefert bekommen und wollen uns heute einmal die Performance dieses RAM Kits ansehen.
Wie dieses RAM KIT abgeschnitten hat, könnt ihr in unserem folgenden Review nachlesen.

Sunbeamtech Quarterback ATX Case -

Sunbeamtech is one of the many manufacturers that regularly releases new cases to keep up with a rapidly changing market. One of their latest models, the Quarterback, is an ATX midtower style case that includes many of the features that computer enthusiasts want, while also including a few unique touches.

ECS G33T-M2 -

The new ECS Elitegroup G33T-M2 comes with the new generation of integrated graphics from Intel, the Intel G33 chipset with the GMA Intel X3100. There’s any difference with the old GMA? Lets see.

Antec P180 & Nine Hundred -

"The computer case market situation is a great deal clearer compared
to the state from a few years ago. There are only a couple of major players
remaining in the competitive section, those being the likes of Cooler
Master, ThermalTake, Chieftec or Chenbro. We had a couple of cases on test
from the fifth major - Antec. Spoilt a great deal by the previous fantastic
cases we had the privilege to test, we had most rigorous expectations from
these ones."

ECS G33T-M2 Motherboard -

"ECS G33T-M2 is a socket 775 motherboard with on-board video based on Intel G33 Express chipset, which supports the new 1,333 MHz FSB and thus is compatible with the latest Core 2 CPUs. Let�s take a look on the performance and features of ECS G33T-M2."

Silverstone Sugo SG02 SFF chassis -

The Sugo SG02 is a small form factor case for MicroATX motherboards which is based on the SG01 Evolution but brings it to the mainstream segment at a much lower price point. The interior of the SFF case is kept very simple but efficient, which makes installation a breeze, while the very unusual white color variant will certainly stand out on any desk, living room or LAN party and goes great with a silver optical drive or two.

AirLive WL-5400CAM WLAN IP Camera -

The AirLive WLAN IP Camera is a solid and easy to setup camera, which can be implemented into any existing wired or wireless network infrastructure. The included software allows you to control four devices at the same time, making it the perfect choice for all your surveilance purposes.