Neue Netzteile braucht das Land


"Es handelt sich konkret um die folgenden Modelle: Corsair CX400W, Enermax Liberty Eco 500W, Enermax Revolution 85+ 850W
und OCZ ModXStream 600W."

Fünf DDR3-1600-Kits zu 6 GB im 30 GB Speichertest


"Nach und nach hält DDR3-Speicher immer mehr Einzug in Computer verschiedenster Preisklassen. Grund genug mal ein paar
Kits genauer unter die Lupe zu nehmen. Im Test sind 6 GB DDR3-1600 Triple-Channel-Kits der Serien Compustocx CSXO-CEC3, Corsair XMS3
Dominator, G.Skill PI Black, Mushkin XP3 und OCZ Intel Extreme."

Corsair Flash Voyager 1024MB USB-Stick -

USB-Sticks gehören mittlerweile schon beinahe zum Ausrüstungsstandard eines gut ausgestatteten Systems, erleichtern sie doch ein schnelles Backup und den Transport wichtiger Daten immens.

Corsair COOL Water Cooling -

With the majority of todays processors becoming hotter water cooling is something that is becoming more mainstream. Corsair has been doing watercooling for years with the Hydrocool 200 and has decided to bring out a new product called the COOL to replace their old unit. Can Corsairs new Cool unit bring water cooling to the masses and still perform well?...

Value Versus Performance Notebook Memory -

Now that building your own notebook has become a trend among enthusiasts, the hardware industry is starting to offer more options for consumers. When it comes to notebook memory, you used to only have one choice, value memory. Last year, Corsair memory changed all that when they launched an XMS SO-DIMM part that was Low Latency (LL)...

Corsair XMS Xpert Memory -

You better believe it! Corsair pulls out all the stops and has already launched their first product for 2005! We take a look at the modules and see what all makes these Xpert modules different from the Pro series. ..."

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