Juli 2008

Zotac GeForce 9800 GT Amp! Edition -

NVIDIA's new GeForce 9800 GT Series is not really new. The performance, specification and GPU are identical to that of the GeForce 8800 GT. Only a few minor features like Purevideo HD and Hybrid Power are present. At least Zotac showed a bit of creativity and added a bright orange PCB and higher clocks out of the box.

One A110 -

Seit Asus seinen Eee-PC vorgestellt hat, erleben kleinste, billige Laptops einen Boom. Sie versprechen einen günstigen Zweit- oder Drittcomputer für den mobilen Einsatz. Doch können sie sich als Sparte zwischen Laptops und Smartphones etablieren? Wir haben Deutschlands erstes Konkurrenzprodukt, das A110 vom Distributor One im rauen Alltag getestet.

Quakecon 2008 : Day 0 -

"It’s a full on production, dealing with this many people, but this is the 13th time for Quakecon, hopefully it’s their lucky number. Even with the regular staff, there is no way they could run the show without the public who volunteer for everything from security to "Crimp Nation”. Think of the thousands of network cables they are already slaving away building.”

Guide to Buying Blu-rays from Overseas -

"Here at TweakTown I often get questions about whether or not Blu-ray �X� will work in an Australian or American Blu-ray player; so I thought it would be a good time to write a guide about Blu-ray importing. Let�s begin!

Similar to DVD region coding, where the world is split up into six geographic regions, Blu-ray is split into three geographic regions. Fortunately, unlike DVD, the splitting of Blu-ray regions are far more sensible."

Thermaltake Thoughpower 1500 W Power Supply -

"Thermaltake Thoughpower 1500 W is probably the most power PC power supply in the world � so powerful that it can't be sold in the USA, as it is over the maximum allowed power for household appliances set by the Underwriter Laboratories (UL) � which is 1,300 W, by the way. Because of that, this model can only be found in Europe. The architecture used is really interesting: this power supply is in fact two completely independent 750 W power supplies inside the same housing.

Silverstone CMD01 Commander ESA Edition -

The Silverstone Commander ESA Edition enables complete system monitoring functionality through the nTune System Monitor. Instead of going for one of the few ESA enabled cases out there, the CMD01 Commander gives unprecedented flexibility, as you can enable ESA connectivity for any case of your choice.

Razer Piranha Gaming Headset -

"Playing games over the internet like Counterstrike or Team Fortress 2 without a headset is really frustrating. It's faster to issue commands and ask for help by speaking into a microphone than by typing on the keyboard � which usually will get you killed (virtually, we mean). That's why the serious gamer always confides in a good headset while playing. Razer, a company known for their gaming mice, is releasing a headset pompously dubbed as a "gaming communicator", the Piranha.

Gigabyte X48-DS5 Motherboard -

Designed for enthusiasts with extreme over-clocking and gaming performance in mind, the GIGABYTE GA-X48-DS5 is based on the killer combination of the newest Intel X48 chipset plus support for the latest 45nm multi-core processors. The GA-X48-DS5 is CrossFireX enabled with true dual PCI-E 2.0 x16 connectivity for the ultimate in extreme gaming performance and has a BIOS full of overclocking features. Read on to see if this board is right for you.

Sport ist Mord...

Dieses Sprichwort hat schon jeder gehört, aber seit der Wii mit Wii Fit gilt dies auch für einige Versicherungsgesellschaften. So teilt die britische Versicherung Sheila's Wheels mit, dass sie für Schäden im Wohnzimmer, in Verbindung mit einer Wii, über 25Millionen Euro an Schadensersatz leisten musste und das nur im Jahr 2007.
Dies wird wohl dafür sorgen das die Beiträge demnächst erhöht werden.

How to Use the SPDIF Output from Sound Blaster X-Fi Sound Cards -

"Creative Labs has always been one of the most popular manufacturers of sound cards and Sound Blaster X-Fi is their current series of add-on sound cards. Due to the massive amount of readers asking us how to use the digital audio (SPDIF) output from their Sound Blaster X-Fi sound cards in order to connect them to their home theater receivers or digital speakers, we decided to compile this short tutorial listing all Sound Blaster X-Fi models released to date and the available options for SPDIF connection."